Pay as You Go Workers Compensation

As part of the co-employer relationship, Trigon will serve as your Workers’ Compensation administrator. We will assist in securing the Workers’ Compensation policy; handle claims, quarterly or monthly premium reports, policy audits, certificate requests, loss run requests and deposit requirements.

Deposit Premiums

Trigon has always been sensitive to the requests of large deposits that are required to bind a Workers’ Compensation policy. We have been effective in assisting the client with those requirements. Trigon will work diligently with the clients to satisfy the policy deposit. In many cases, our clients do not pay Workers’ Compensation deposits.

Loss Run Reports

Trigon provides reporting on your claim history containing detailed information on the claim, amount paid and description of incident. The report can be produced by month, year or for the duration of the policy. All reports are provided to our clients in a PDF format for ease of use.

Policy Premium Audits

Employers dealing directly with Workers’ Compensation carriers on an individual basis provide an estimate of gross wages for the policy period. At the end of the year, the carrier audits the employer and either refunds the balance on premiums collected over the estimate or collects additional premium to compensate for the low estimate. Trigon’s relationship with our Workers’ Compensation carriers allow for the premium to reflect accurate weekly wages thereby eliminating under or over payments and helping the client avoid any large premium payments due at the end of the policy period.

Claims Administration

Due to the co-employer relationship with Trigon, the client company is only responsible for the initial completion of the Industrial Report of Injury. Trigon will process the claim through the Industrial Commission and the Workers’ Compensation carrier. Most injury hearings and court cases are handled by the Trigon Workers’ Compensation team, thereby saving the client the requirement of mandatory court appearances.