Employer Tax Compliance

One of the major threats to the employer is non-compliance with federal and state tax agencies. The improper handling of payroll taxes can and has resulted in heavy penalties, fines, interest and prosecution for the business owner.

As part of the co-employer relationship, Trigon will deduct the proper federal and state taxes from the employee’s paycheck and deposit the funds in a timely manner with the necessary agencies.

Both federal and state agencies require monthly, quarterly and/or annual returns. Trigon’s professional staff will ensure timely and accurate filing of all taxes.

Federal, State and Local Tax Deposits

Trigon will deposit all taxes withheld on a semi-weekly basis.

Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Withholding Returns

Employer/Employee tax liability is shifted to Trigon because of our co-employment relationship, saving the business owner the time and responsibility for these required returns.


Trigon issues W-2’s and required W-3 for any employees that received wages through our service during the calendar year to the necessary state and federal agencies.

State Unemployment Tax Returns

Tax Payments, tax returns and claims through Trigon’s unemployment account number removes the client’s exposure to higher unemployment tax rates.

State Audits and Compliance

With a co-employment relationship, the state and federal agencies will perform audits on Trigon, not the client company.