In business since 2001, Trigon Staff Administrators has grown out of an expressed need by our clients for a comprehensive business solution for their employer obligations.

Our focus is on your employer paperwork and administrative responsibilities so you can focus on what matters most to your company — Money Making Activities.

Having enrolled over 1100 businesses into our employer solution, Trigon is an Arizona human resources solution provider that has developed a culture committed to prompt service and excellent customer service.

We would like to be seen as your employer expert around the corner. We pride ourselves on our ability to build lasting relationships with our clients and value the opportunity to share in their growth.

An Arizona licensed general building contractor since 1973, Robert C. Bowman (Trigons CEO and Founder) has been responsible for building single family and high-density residential dwellings; as well as commercial, industrial and medical facilities.

Robert moved into the role of educator and business facilitator when he established Construction Seminars (now Arizona Contractor License Center and Utah Contractor License Center) in 1984 to provide exam preparation, company setup, licensing and bonding services to contractors in the states of Arizona and Utah.

Mr. Bowman formed Trigon Staff Administrators in 2001 to help his contractor clients with their administrative employer responsibilities and focus more of their time on money making activities.

Since opening their doors, Trigon has grown into one of the top 10 Arizona based PEO's according to the Phoenix Business Journal.

Our mission is to provide employers with cost effective and efficient solutions to manage the administrative process of their employer responsibilities through a Professional Employer Organization PEO relationship.

Also known as co-employment or employee leasing, this relationship allows the employer to shift their employer burden to a service provider such as Trigon. The business owner retains the supervisory relationship with the employee while allowing the PEO to perform the administrative tasks associated with the employee. The business still hires, fires and manages their employees, but the PEO retains the appropriate new hire documentation, secures workers' compensation coverage, issues paychecks, withholds employee taxes, assists with employee benefits and provides a system of checks and balances to any and all governmental organizations for compliance.

Trigons experience, integrity, personal service and expertise set us apart from others in the co-employment industry.

Our clients count on Trigon to answer questions and provide guidance on payroll administration, health insurance, personnel policies, government compliance and procedures.