Payroll administration for your business

Trigon Staff Administrators will dedicate their team of payroll professionals to the payroll process for every one of their clients,assuring the job will be done right the first time.

The Trigon team offers a managed payroll process for our client companies going well beyond simple payroll processing.

Automated Payroll Processing

Trigon utilizes a comprehensive payroll management system to manage the employee wages, garnishments and deductions.

Payroll Checks

We will issue checks weekly,bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly.

Payroll Register

We provide reports for our clients to review all checks written within a specified period of time to include wages, taxes and deductions.

Payroll Summary

A brief recap report demonstrating your total payroll liabilities for a specified period of time.

Payroll Month to Date Summaries

Payroll summary per month with the ability to group your payroll registers by department, class, workers’ comp code or job title.

Costing Report

We will provide a report that will give you a total cost for each employee on your payroll to be used for job costing on your current or existing projects.

Data Export

We offer the ability to export a full set of payroll reports for our client companies into an excel file format for use in many accounting systems and spreadsheet programs which can be made available to your CPA.

Tax Calculations

We are responsible for withholding and making tax payments on every payroll dollar processed through our automated payroll software.

New Hire Paperwork

Once the client agrees to the co-employer relationship, your assigned sales representative will assist you with the employee enrollment process. We help collect the necessary forms for the enrollment process to include the I-9 employment eligibility, W-4 federal withholding, state withholding and wage garnishments. Trigon is also responsible for notifying all necessary federal and state agencies of the new hire.

Having enrolled over 1,000 clients ranging in size of 1 to 300 employees, Trigon will be considered your enrollment expert.

Tax Liens

Once the co-employment relationship is established, Trigon becomes the employer of record requiring the IRS to notify Trigon of open tax liens pertaining to your employees.

Direct Deposit

Trigon Staff offers the convenience of direct deposit banking for our valued clients and their employees at no cost to the employee or employer.

Auto Debit Authorization, ACH

Allows for automatic payment of invoices to Trigon from the client companies bank account, eliminating the need to deal with certified funds, cashier checks or high interest credit cards.

Check Security

In order to provide privacy to your employees, all employee paychecks will be sealed in Trigon’s office.

All employee checks are processed through Trigon’s automated payroll system eliminating the need for client signatures.

Payroll Delivery

Several delivery methods are available, including Fedex, D.H.L., U.S. Mail or our local delivery service.

Email Reporting

Trigon will provide all invoices and payroll reports to client companies via email upon request.

Unclaimed Property

All payroll checks not cashed within one year need to be reported and paid to the Department of Revenue as unclaimed property. As your co-employer the responsibility for this process is transferred to Trigon.