Personnel Files

Trigon will retain the employees payroll and wage records three years from the date of hire.

Personnel Forms

Trigon will make available to our clients a full range of Human Resources (HR) regulatory compliance forms.

Vacation Tracking and Reporting

Trigon will consult with our clients to establish a vacation and sick time policy for their employees allowing the client and employee to view accrued, used and available sick and vacation hours on their employers detail report and the employees check stub.

New Hire Reporting

Trigon will report all new and terminated employees to the state where the work is performed as required by law.

Background Checks & Drug Testing

Trigon will conduct background checks and drug testing for employees hired by our clients upon request.

FLSA Regulations

An employer covered by the Fair Labors Standard Act must keep wage records on all employees. Trigon will maintain all FLSA records on behalf of our clients.

Department of Labor Compliance Regulatory Changes

Trigon stays current with DOL Regulatory statutes and regulations on a daily basis.